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Welcome! At Nambour heights Family Medical we pride ourselves on being quality Healthcare Providers, offering a diverse range of Medical Services and putting our patients first. Make an appointment today with one of our Experienced Doctors and let us make your Families Health a priority.

For your convenience we have an onsite Pharmacy and MedLab Pathology Service.

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Nambour Heights Family Medical are Preferred Providers for:

Nambour Heights Family Medical is proud to be registered with a number of Universities in Australia to host 3rd and 4th year Medical Students.

The aim is for Students to gain experience in all aspects of General Practice. Consent will be verbally requested from all patients for the student to observe Consultations.

Our Medical Students come from reputable Australian Universities including UQ & Griffith University as well as James Cook University whom organises our Registrar Training (for more information visit www.gmt.edu.au )

Please note that you are very welcome to decline this.

Health Assessments

We can help you with the following Health Checks: Over 75’s and 45-49yrs.

Antenatal & Postnatal Checks

We can look after your Antenatal & Postnatal Checks. Call 5441 6093 for an Appointment.


Keep your Children’s Immunisations up to date. Call us today for an Appointment.

Skin Checks

Have your Annual Skin Checks completed by trained staff and Dermatoscopes. We also offer Skin Cancer Treatments & Excisions.

Travel Vaccines

Going on Holidays? Check to see what Vaccines are recommended for your location.

Indigenous Health

We participate in the Closing the Gap program and local NCAACH program for Indigenous Health Checks. Call 5441 6093 for an Appointment.

Diabetes Checks

We can help you keep your Diabetes in check. Call for an Appointment today.

Baby Health Checks

Our Doctors provide Baby Development Clinics, Breast Feeding/Weaning Advice and Continuity of Care for your Little Ones.